Ma and Pa

I want you to know that I love you.  I want you to know that I value everything you have given me.  You gave me all the gifts I needed to be the person I am today.  When I look in the mirror I see you both looking back at me.   You have supported me when no one else would.  The love you have showed amazes me.  Every time I needed you, you were there.  I may never find love with another man but I know unconditional love with you!  I am proud to be your son.  When I feel weak you are my strength.  It has been ten years since I started this journey and I can say without a doubt I couldn’t have gone one day without you.  I can be a monster and I can be weak… but when I need you, you never fail me.  Everything I have done or will ever do is dedicated to you…. The best Mum & Dad in the whole world….. my parents the heroes xxx  I love you xxx


Oh where to begin?  You are my light, my angel and my inspiration!  My world is a darker place since you left it.  I miss you more everyday.  Thank you for your wisdom and faith, I’m still listening.  Thank you for loving me no matter what.  Thank you for shopping on a Thursday and lunch on Saturdays.  Thank you for being on my side and giving me my chance to follow my dreams and shine.  Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for being on my side.  I love you Grandma and I pray that you found your bliss xxx  The last seven years have been so hard without you.  I miss you more everyday.  I thought it would get easier, when in fact the pain grows stronger and cuts deeper with each day xxxx  I pray that I make you proud xxx I'll be seeing you xxx

Stu and Rob

Thank you for being so different. Stu, for being so damn cool and Rob, for accepting we're so different.


For being my friend and for bringing such beautiful babies into the family

Mitch, Angel, Abigail, the little Gypsy (Romani), Lily Rose, Eli & Baby Avery

Thank you for bring so much joy and love to my world xxx RAISE HELL do me proud!


For being my friend & family.... I think you're amazing ;-)


For believing in me & making my dreams come true x


For being the best friend I could have asked for.  For being there when I needed you.  For saving me time after time xxx  Thank you for being in my life for longer than I knew x


Thank you for your love, support, kind words and for being my number one fan xxx you're constantly in my thoughts xxxx


Thank you for making it so hard and so worth it,   for never giving me more than I can handle.  Thank you for answering all my prayers, even when the answer was no.


For giving me a home.... SIX years and counting... the longest love affair I have had xxx Its unconditional xxx you can be a hard bitch but I LOVE it xxxx

Lost Friends and Lovers

Thank you for everything you gave me and everything I learnt from you.  Sometimes the best comes from the worst xxx

I love you all more than I could ever say xxx